HCK - a short biographical film profile which blends the creative demands of the artist, Martin Heck and director, Lukas Tielke.
It’s all about finding new individual approaches, new inspirations and challenges. Driven by the fear of turning into routine. Fighting against internal compulsions. Using external influences to rise. Reflecting the inner perspective of things. Processing with experiences and thoughts coming up and transforming them into unique handmade pieces.
The future of work is human.
Behind the scenes:
Production. peoplegrapher GmbH
Director/DoP. Lukas Tielke
Artist. Martin Heck
Producer. Mira Harnischmacher, Jack Gregory Donald
2nd Unit. Lennart Koch, Paul Freiberger
Edit & Grading. Lukas Tielke
VFX. Joel Rieger
Words. Nina Köhler, Viola Donald
Score & Sounddesign. Moritz Staub

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